Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday roundup -- or -- A very brief update

Recently, I resolved to make some changes in my life. Some of them have gone well, and the rest...

Diet:  Not good. I haven't changed my eating habits much, and I haven't been exercising as I should. I'm starting to feel bad about myself, and I know I need to work harder.

Chocolate Consumption: See "Diet." I'm eating the same or maybe even more chocolate than I had been. I've got to get out of the mind-set that chocolate is easing my stress levels. I'm getting so I can find any excuse to consume it, from calming myself after a rough day to celebrating an accomplishment.

Writing Output: Needs to be better. I'm starting to second-guess my novel's opening scene, which is never good at this early part in the writing process. On the positive side, I've been posting here every day, and I also post daily at two other sites. My new goal is to work harder at finding time for my novel--and to stop revising as I go.

Tomorrow is another day, right?

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