Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Aheila's Drabble Day prompt this week is Wind. Check out Aheila's blog for the rules.

Here's mine, which turned out to be more like a vignette than a true drabble:

Maggie had heard the story so many times that she had begun to believe the great wind had torn an angry path across her land, leaving nothing but the detritus of a life hard-lived. But the story was an ancestor's, passed down with detail so vivid that everyone who heard lived it, feeling the wind's fury and grieving the loss of the only life they'd known.

Maggie is old now, and the years haven't been kind. But her memory remains, and that story she's called to tell. So she gathers her grandchildren before her and begins: "Many years ago there was a great and angry wind..."


  1. There's nothing more classic than a good old-fashioned word-of-mouth story , passed down from one generation to the next !
    A great drabble ! :)

  2. grandma needs to break the curse of the angry wind story...
    good job =)

  3. Very nice! I can visualize the setting perfectly and you create the mood very well.


  4. Awesome, except I don't want it to end with those ellipses . . . !

  5. Thank you, mish!

    Tara: You're right; she does. ;) Thanks!

    Ryan: Thank you!

    Aww, thanks, Deb!