Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beautiful life

Today's 100 words:

The best part of yesterday's Fourth of July celebration was the excitement my children showed once the fireworks started booming and exploding in the night sky. My daughter, who wasn't even one at last year's festivities, squealed and giggled with glee this year, and my son--who likes to tell everyone that he's almost four and a half!--shouted and screamed at the sight of each colorful display. As they played with their glow stick necklaces on the wool blanket we had spread across the grass, my husband and I smiled at each other, and I snapped pictures, freeze-frames of beautiful life.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great Fourth!

  2. Aw. Li'l D was long since asleep by the time the fireworks started. Perhaps--based on what I'm reading here!--we ought consider keeping him awake a little later next year. :)


  3. Thanks, everyone. The Fourth was really nice. I usually don't get very excited for things like parades and fireworks displays, but seeing the excitement on the kids' faces makes me excited as well.