Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flying again

Years ago, I joined http://www.flylady.net/ because my house was so filled with clutter, mostly things that were sentimental and difficult for me to part with. However, I couldn't keep up with all the e-mails (usually ten or twelve a day), and the fact that I was a full-time college instructor then made it difficult for me to complete all the tasks. I found that by the time I got home, made dinner, graded papers, and prepared for the next day's lessons, the last thing I wanted to do was clean and declutter. So I quit.

Now I'm at a point where the clutter has completely taken over. My parents recently moved out of their house and, needing space in their new apartment, they gave me all of my childhood toys and books and art projects... All of that is now packed in our basement, along with everything else I've accumulated through four moves and two marriages and two kids. It's all gotten to be too much; looking at all the clutter actually makes me sick. Yesterday, I decided to do something about it, so I joined Flylady again. I completed the first task--shining my sink--and as soon as I finish breakfast I'll be doing some decluttering in the kitchen. I like Flylady's approach, which is all about baby steps and establishing habits. I feel motivated to do this. I have got to get out from under this mess. 

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