Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More for the memory books

Since my children were born, I've been trying to keep journals that contain the cute or special things they say. So far, their quotes are all written on scraps of paper and scattered throughout the house, but one day I'll get them organized and put into the two beautiful matching journals I bought more than a year ago. One day...

Anyway, this morning I sneezed as I was rocking my daughter to sleep, and I heard her sleepy little voice say, "Bless you." Now, she says this a lot, nearly every time she hears a noise that even resembles a sneeze, but there was something about her tired voice and her heavy head resting on my shoulder that really made the moment special for me this morning. This one is going in the book.

My son said something cute today as well. As I was driving to storytime, I was listening to talk radio, and the guys on the show were talking in not-so-pleasant terms about some bodily functions. After a few minutes of quiet in the backseat, my son said in a tiny, sweet voice, "They're not talking nice, Mama." He repeated himself a couple of times, and I was just so proud of him for recognizing that the men were being crude and for knowing that we should always "talk nice." It was a reality check for me because I'd never really realized how much he listens to the radio. I changed the station.

Today was a wonderful day with the kids--one to remember.

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