Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Once again, I can't walk up the stairs without getting winded...

I've been feeling so sluggish lately. I'm not heavy, but I feel fat, so I've decided to try the Special K Challenge, starting tomorrow. I'm going to use the plan to jump-start healthier eating habits. I know what my problems are: too much chocolate and too much late-night snacking. If I can cut down on or eliminate these two things completely, I know I can get back to my goal weight. The hardest part for me --aside from reducing or giving up chocolate--will be exercising--I hate it. I hate to sweat, and I hate that being on the treadmill keeps me from doing other things that need to be done. I'm a multitasker, and I just can't multitask when I'm walking (well, except for reading, but I always manage to fit reading into my day. I have to; it's a requirement for me). My to-do list is forever on my mind, and there's always more on it than I can fit into a day, even without the thirty or so minutes that I'll need to set aside for exercising.  I'm hoping I can come to think of exercise in a positive light, that I'm doing something good for me, something I need to do in order to recharge and be able to complete the other tasks. I've been relying on chocolate for stress relief for too many years. I'm hoping that somehow I can replace that need for chocolate with a desire for exercise and being healthier.

Several years ago, I embarked on a program like this--eating healthy food in smaller portions and exercising daily--and I not only lost weight that I kept off for years (pre-babies!), but I felt so much better about myself: about the way I looked and about how wonderful it was to be able to walk upstairs without feeling winded, which is the state I'm in once again, sadly enough.

Wish me luck!

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