Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little thrill to brighten my day

Last night, someone commented that a short piece of writing I did for another site was in a class with Hemingway.  Although I would be extremely hesitant to say that anything I write is or ever will be even close to Hemingway's caliber, I am unbelievably flattered and very honored and humbled that someone else would say that.

Today is a good day.


  1. That's an AWESOME compliment. Write that down in your "Reminding Myself I Don't Suck" journal. (Umm, other people keep those, right?)

  2. Thank you both!

    And I'll make sure to write it down, Charlotte. ;)

  3. Hey Dana ~~ I followed your link via Tara's blog. I think that quite often , we are hard on ourselves and sell ourselves short ...
    What a wonderful comment about your work !


  4. Hi, Michelle! Thanks for your comment.

    I enjoyed your blog and would love to follow. For some reason, I can't see a place to enter my e-mail, though. Well, regardless, I will be back to visit. Thanks again for stopping by!