Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That darkness that brings light

My favorite days to write are those dark, otherwise dreary days when the rain pings against the windows, those days when the sun doesn't dare to peek from behind the clouds, days when thunder sounds across the gray sky. The passion of these storms has always brought out my passion for shaping stories, for creating in words the world and characters I see in my mind and giving them breath and life on the page. I find peace in these days, and solitude--that feeling that I'm the only person in a world that's cleansing itself, cleaning the slate, forging a new beginning...


  1. Me too. Especially when children are at school and I have day off. But those days can be sunny, too...

  2. Storms and good coffee, whether reading or writing are always awesome. A good storm brings me energy.

    Of course any day where I can get a few quiet minutes to be in my own head, not at the call of small children, is awesome.

    Unfortunately, those days come few and far between right now.

  3. I just long for a quiet house--only for a couple of hours! :)

    Dana, whose children are at this minute yelling to get out of their room..