Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aheila's Drabble Day prompt this week is Guest, and the trick is to avoid the "unwanted guest" twist. Check Aheila's blog for the rules.


"Do you think they'll be here today?"

"I think so. The weather's certainly nice enough. It's a beautiful day for a picnic."

"Yes, it is quite lovely. Is someone watching for them?"

"Ed and his crew are keeping an eye on the riverbank, and I have Cindy Lou and Earl posted at the top of the hill. Don't worry. We'll see them."

"Good. I hope they come soon. I'm starving."


"They're here! They're spreading out their blanket near the river."

"It's about time."

"I agree. Okay, fall in, everyone. It's rude to keep our guests waiting. Ants, march!"


  1. Oh! I absolutely love the twist! It's not easy to tell a story only through dialogs but you pulled it off! Awesome!

  2. yeah!
    great one! i can hear their tiny chatter =)

  3. What a nice surprise twist at the end ~ I didn't see that coming ! Well done !

  4. Really cute a la Bug's Life, one of my favorite movies!

  5. Thanks, mish and claire! I've never see A Bug's Life, but maybe I'll watch it soon. :)