Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Aheila's Drabble Day prompt this week is Scenery. The challenge is to write a description with no dialogue or action. You can find the rules at Aheila's blog.

I've written my drabble from the perspective of a small-town guy who finds himself plunked down in the middle of a large city:

The sound of footsteps slip-slapping their way down sidewalks overflowing with rivers of humanity is barely discernible among the honks of angry horns and the drone of voices: people shouting, faces contorted, into cell phones, arms and hands raised, gesturing, punctuating the points they make. It never stops; there's no such thing as quiet in a place where steel kisses the blue-gray sky, and below ground, still more steel worms its way through the earth: trains rumbling, stopping, spitting out people like products on an assembly line, urging them to emerge from beneath and join the human stream, anonymous and somehow alone.


  1. It has a strong visual appeal and captures the hustle & bustle of a busy city !

  2. really makes me want to visit new york
    great description =)

  3. The way the words flow really feels like an eye wandering on the new sights and an ear chasing the sounds.