Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Aheila's Drabble Day prompt this week is Hourglass. Check out her blog for the rules.

I decided to use the idea of the hourglass--the fact that it measures time--as the basis for my drabble:

Jake caught Ava's eye. "Is it time yet?" he whispered.

"I can't see the clock." Ava's voice was low. Speaking was forbidden, and there were penalties for those who were caught.

"What kind of psychopath would do this to someone?" Jake said, louder this time, and Beth, seated to his left, giggled.

"Silence!" shouted a voice from the front of the room.

Beth raised a book in front of her face, her shoulders shaking with silent laughter, and Jake scowled, muttering under his breath. "She's such a b--"

A bell rang, cutting off Jake's words.

"Okay, everyone. Time for recess," the psychopath/teacher said.


  1. in the words of my 7yo, "tee hee!"

  2. And time does seem to drag on , when you're trying to get out of a particular situation ...

  3. Flashback! I liked school but the exam classes killed me: I always finished before everybody else and was forced to sit and wait for the bell. Argh!

  4. mish: Yes, exactly.

    Aheila: LOL I know what you mean!