Monday, August 1, 2011


This morning's 100 words, this time about one of those odd memories that for some reason sticks in my mind:

H was a fellow teaching assistant in graduate school whose office was across the hall from mine. We had met on the college newspaper staff a year earlier, and although we weren't close friends, we did talk occasionally. One morning she burst through my office door and collapsed in a smiling heap on the floor. She then began to tell me--very excitedly--about the night she had spent with B, another TA. I thought it was strange that she was telling me and not a close friend, but I guess I must have been the only one around.


  1. sometimes you just have to spill!
    was it good for you? hee hee

  2. Oh dang, there are those days when you just have to tell someone! Or anyone around!

  3. Tara: Ha! ;)

    Caitlin: You're right, of course. I can remember a few times when I just felt compelled to share something with someone else--even if it would have probably been best left unshared!