Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today's 100 words:

I took the night off yesterday. After a long couple of days, I needed to relax. Instead of writing, I watched five episodes of The Real World: Boston, which debuted in 1997, back when The Real World series was about very different, very real people learning to find commonalities and coexist. From what I understand, nowadays the show is more about beautiful young people with large breasts and six-pack abs who spend their days sitting in hot tubs and drinking. It's not real life--or at least it's not the type of reality I can appreciate.


  1. people with big boobs and abs have real lives, too! well, kind of

  2. I just drafted an entry about how much I teased Ba.D. for being on Survivor, and how I've come to be a little more open-minded about the experience the last year or so. One of the sentiments mirrors what you've said here ("It's not real life"). Basically, though I'm more open-minded, I'm still not sure "reality" is the best designation for this kind of TV!

  3. j. littlejohn: LOL Too funny!

    Deb: Although I no longer watch The Real World, I do watch several other reality shows, and I agree with you: "reality" isn't really the best descriptor for them. :)