Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn't think I would have time to post an entry before we left for our trip, but I do. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here are today's 100 words:
When I was a kid, my parents, sister, and I would go "over the river" to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, there wasn't a river, but we did drive six miles into town to celebrate with Grandma, my two uncles, and sometimes my cousin. I could count on certain things every Thanksgiving: my uncle Joe would always sneak olives off the tray before dinner and grab the turkey legs for himself; my dad would always carve the bird; the cranberry sauce would always be homemade; and the Packer game would always be droning on in the background.


  1. we usually drive over several bridges to grandma's house =)

    hope your travels were safe and your turkey was golden! happiness to you!

    thanks for always brightening my day!

  2. Tara: We had a really nice Thanksgiving; I hope you did as well. And thank you! Your posts are always a treat as well.

    Thanks, squre.