Sunday, February 5, 2012

Capturing a moment: early morning stream of consciousness

Today's 100 words:

8 a.m.: It's quiet in the house and still dark outside. My neighbor's outdoor light casts an orange glow into the room. From the kitchen I hear the gurgles the coffeemaker produces when the coffee is nearly done. I'm hopeful that it will soothe my sore throat. Now there's coughing: this time it's coming from me--unusual, to be sure, since normally it's the kids and the husband who seem to catch every cold. I'm warm, too, even though the thermostat is set very low. A fever, maybe? If there's time, I'll check. Must get everyone ready for church.


  1. I love moments like that. :) Quiet. Peace. I hope you don't get a cold, though!

  2. I love it when everyone else is in be and asleep and I'm the only one up.

    Hope you don't get a cold and it was just an early morning stuffiness.

    1. I love those moments, too. I get up early on purpose, even though I really should sleep in sometimes.

      It did turn out to be a cold. :(