Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All she wanted

Today's 100 words:

She'd said something without thinking. If she had censored herself before speaking, she thought later, she could have said what she'd said in a nicer way. However, once the words had left her lips, she saw the shadow that crossed his face and knew she would be punished. She apologized again and again, her knees almost kissing the floor, but all he did was either glare at her with dead eyes or berate her, tell her she's a fundamentally stupid, screwed-up person. All she wanted was for it all to stop: the verbal volleys, the silent treatment. His anger.


  1. So much feeling in 100 words.

    I've given you a blogging award. Come on over to receive it and get the picture.

  2. Thanks, Martin. And thanks again for the award. I'll try to work on my post this weekend.