Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 5th birthday to my little boy!

Today's 100 words:

The sun was like this the day you were born--warm and welcoming, really an anomaly here, where February usually seems so cold and gray. Of course when I woke that morning, I didn't know how special the day would be, how surreal--and frightening--it was to hear my doctor say, "Go to the hospital. It's time." Then hours later as you lay on my chest and looked at me with those eyes so like my dad's--that was the happiest I'd ever felt, my heart swelling, my mind unable to comprehend that you, perfect you, were actually mine.


  1. Aw, beautiful! Absolutely beautiful Dana! I hope you're doing well! Happy Birthday to your little one!

  2. That reminds of when my children were born. Beautifully written.