Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's enough

Today's 100 words:

It's enough, really, that I have this computer and this room in which to write, the sun slatting through the blinds, the traffic outside my still-closed window serenading me with its early morning quiet hum. It's enough, really, that I have this home in which to live, this small place to share with my little family, beds to sleep in, food to eat. A refuge. It's enough, really, that I have a stack of books to read and time to read them. Simple things. True things. Comforting things. Life and breath. Nothing else matters. It's enough, really. It is.


  1. Beautiful! Makes me grateful for all that I have.

  2. I agree with Kate, this really was such a beautiful post! I love how simply it's written while conveying so much.

  3. Just stopping back by to let you know that I passed a few awards on to you over at my blog!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me! I'll check them out soon. :)