Monday, March 5, 2012

Never still

Today's 100 words:

I'm listening to the waterfall of water pouring into the bathtub, waiting for my tea to steep, typing these words, thinking about the day that lies ahead: Will I need to take my son to the doctor? What was that second thing I was supposed to get at the grocery store? I can't forget to finish the registration paperwork. And the laundry--I should start now so I'm not drying clothes late into the night... My mind is never still. Does it rest as I sleep, or do these thoughts continue: Wash the bathroom rugs tomorrow...


  1. ditto! but it does slow down and reading at bedtime lets those worries slip away until tomorrow =)

    1. I do okay until I close the book. Then, unless I'm exhausted and fall asleep right away, those worries usually come back. :(