Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It all matters

Today's 100 words:

I sometimes think about where I would be today--who I would be--if I had made even one decision differently. What if I had chosen a different college? Married my high school boyfriend? Hadn't taken that teaching job in Nebraska? What if I had gone to a Chinese restaurant that day instead of to the Mexican place around the corner? Would I be someone else? Almost certainly my life path would be different. Would I have kids? Would I have found my way to New York? Even the smallest decisions can change the course of a life.


  1. I think about this all the time, Dana. I've even written poems about it. I wonder!

  2. It's certainly a lot to think about. My husband and I talk about the one night that brought us together, and how he almost didn't go to the party that we were both at. It's crazy to think that the smallest decisions can affect our lives so much.

    Also, left you an award over at my blog!

  3. That's a question I've asked myself many times and despite the pains of some of my life I wouldn't change it. I like who I've become...mostly...and I have a good idea who I could've become if my life was different. I might have a been a better person, but who knows.

    Either way, it's someting to think about and may even be the basis for a story.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Amy and Caitlin. I find myself thinking about all this more and more as I get older. I agree, Caitlin--it is crazy to think about... (Thanks so much for the award!)

    Martin: Welcome to the blog! I appreciate your perspective. I don't know if I would change things if I could. Some days I like myself a lot better than I do others. :) But everything I've done in life has led me to the life I have now with my children, and I know I would never change the fact that I have them. Now if I could make different decisions along the way and still be blessed with these kids, well, maybe that I would do...