Monday, January 30, 2012

Wanting what I couldn't have

Today's 100 words:

When I was a kid, I sometimes felt resentful that my family and I lived seven miles out of town. I was never much of a joiner, especially when I was in elementary school, but there were instances when I wished I could be in Brownies or dance or just go to a friend's house after school. My dad was always working to support us all, though, and my mom didn't drive, so those kinds of things weren't possible for me and my sister. Instead we rode home on the school bus each day--noisy and crowded, that acrid smell of exhaust...


  1. Me neither, though in my case it was the bullying I used to suffer.

  2. Yes, I wouldn't go back to those days. Now, graduate school, on the other hand... :)