Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My husband went back to work today after having had ten days off for the holidays. I'm sad. Even though I as a mom never get a vacation, it was nice to have some extra help around here.

This morning I picked up a copy of Charles Bukowski's The Pleasures of the Damned. It's a volume of poems written between 1951 and 1993. At nearly 550 pages, it will take me a while to read, and I'm looking forward to starting it when I get a spare moment.

Right now my priority needs to be sleep. My two-year-old daughter has croup, and last night she woke me up three times. I think I might have gotten three or four hours of sleep in total, which is just not enough. The kids are eating lunch right now, and I think I might try to sneak a rest when they finish--one ear open and listening to them play, of course. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll let me.

So that's life at our house today. How are things going at yours?


  1. We got a new puppy for Christmas so I'm feeling your no sleep blues. I hope you can sneak in a nap some time soon.

  2. Aw....sounds quite hectic! I'm sorry for your little one and your lack of sleep!

    Today...work's back to normal, so I've been busy. Go home, no Kylie today, workout, shower, and meet the inlaws for dinner at 7. Then, probably come home, read a chapter or two, and go to sleep.

  3. Thanks, Kate. I did manage a short nap after lunch. :) I had anticipated an early bedtime, but I'm writing right now and am reluctant to stop. We'll see how long I can keep my eyes open...

    Thanks, April. Hope you had a nice evening after such a busy day. :)