Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hi, I'm Dana. How are you?

Why is the first post in a new blog always so awkward? I feel like I'm at one of my husband's work parties, standing in a corner in a roomful of strangers, smiling like an idiot until someone finally notices I'm there. So let me be the one to break the ice. I'm Dana, a mother of two and an aspiring (cross your fingers, please) writer. I enjoy reading, white wine, long walks on the -- oops. Wait. Wrong site. Seriously, all of us mommies have stories to tell, and I hope you'll join me here in my little corner of the Internet, where I'll brag about my kids (okay, not all of the time), complain about my husband (well, maybe not always!), and muse about making my two worlds--Mommy and Writer--mesh.

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