Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Older and wiser?

Today's 100 words:

Does growing older mean growing wiser? I heard that on the radio this morning as I was driving home from the preschool. I know that I've lived through enough in my nearly four decades to have at least some knowledge to pass on to my children. I've certainly made mistakes that I hope my children never repeat. And my four-year-old son: he learns so quickly, and he shares what he knows with his little sister. I think the level of our wisdom changes with growing age, but everyone, no matter how old, has something to teach.


  1. Its the experience we can teach. but our vast wisdom is largely wasted on the young, who mostly have to experience things themselves...
    crazy, aint it!

    1. Crazy? Yes. And as my kids get older, I'm sure I'll find it frustrating as well.

  2. There are many people who grow older without getting wise, let alone wiser.

  3. This really made me stop and think. You always hear that with age comes wisdom and experience, but even those who are younger can have great life experiences or something valuable to pass on. Love today's!