Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another memory: lazy weekends

I've been thinking a lot about my childhood this weekend, and this morning I wrote this one-sentence, 100-words exercise about lazy weekend mornings: 
I remember many lazy weekends when I was a child, mornings spent in bed, reading my favorite books and listening to the hum of the household around me--Mom and Dad talking in the kitchen, my sister in the living room, her spoon clanking against her cereal bowl, the Road Runner's beep-beep blaring from the television--and I would keep reading, forgetting about breakfast, forgetting sometimes about lunch, as I immersed myself in someone else's reality, someone else's life, until from a kind of fog, I would hear my mother calling me, jarring me back to my own reality.


  1. I miss having just the saturday morning cartoons - we lived for it, then we went and played other things. Now it's cartoons 24-7. I need to pry my kids away from screens!

  2. I'm 41, but I still enjoy a lazy Saturday morning every now and then. I'll stay in bed, read, then maybe go eat some cereal on the porch. This time of year especially I try to do this, because the mornings are so amazing!

  3. Dana, that's a good one.