Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unfortunately, you're never too young to be humiliated

Notice: The post planned for tonight has been postponed due to the writer's extreme exhaustion from a weekend spent chasing small children around the trash-strewn grounds of a local festival; pushing a double stroller uphill through crowds of people all seemingly going in the opposite direction; and standing in endless lines to buy corn dogs and french fries that were destined to end their lives on the ground rather than in any child's mouth. The writer hopes you will accept this humble replacement post. She assures that what it lacks in length it makes up for in her humiliation factor. Please enjoy.

When I was in the third grade, I walked into the wrong classroom one morning. I couldn't find my desk, and a girl standing near the chalkboard looked at me strangely as I, assuming she was new, blathered on about how the teacher must have moved our desks around again and "I'll just have to find mine later 'cause I really have to pee. The bus ride is sooo long..." Then, as I left the classroom bathroom, I finally--FINALLY--realized I was in the wrong room, and, red-faced and wanting to cry, I grabbed my bag, tried to ignore the smirking girl, and tripped out the door.


  1. Ach! This recalls a mortifying experience from my first grade year. I walked into my classroom and was going to take a seat when the teacher said, "This isn't your classroom." I explained that it was, to which she replied, "No, you're thinking of my sister." (Her identical twin sister taught at the school.) I explained that couldn't be right, because all my friends were in the classroom, but she was insistent. I left. I went to the twin's classroom and was asked, basically, what the heck I was doing. I went out into the corridor and bawled until the principal came by and asked what was wrong. I explained and my teacher, who I was otherwise very fond of, got called out to talk with the principal while I made way to my desk.

    You'd think a first grade teacher would be a little more sensitive to the limitations of their six-year-old development!

  2. i must have learned at a young age to laugh at myself because i embarrassed myself all the time, i still do! i just smirk right back =)

    wait i remember once in 2nd grade i went to grab Mr Davidson's cookie he was hiding behind his back and broke it. i hid in the bathroom after that prank went wrong!

  3. Deb and Tara, isn't it funny the things that we remember--those memories that stick with us when so many other memories don't...