Monday, May 16, 2011

Creating memories

The kids had a lot of fun Sunday when we took them--in the pouring rain--to see Thomas the Tank Engine. My four-year-old made sure to tell everyone he saw at the library today about the trip and how excited he was to now be the owner of a Thomas alarm clock!

I'm glad they had fun. It's important to me that the kids have good memories of their childhoods. For many summers, our parents took me and my sister to the U.P. State Fair, and I remember how excited I always was and how I couldn't wait to tell everyone at school what I had done during the summer. I don't know if my kids will remember this visit to Thomas--especially my daughter, who's only 22 months old--but I'm glad we went. Seeing them so excited about the world makes me feel excited too, and looking through their eyes reminds me that the world, in spite of it all, is still a wonderful, magical place.


  1. the funny thing is you wont know what their favorite memories are until they're older. them having a ball is a great memory for you, cherish it =)

  2. I will, Tara. :) I write down so many things that they say and do. I try to create word pictures so that I never forget.

  3. Seeing the world through my son's eyes has proven the most amazing gift ever. Now I know that it's not always true that big to-do's are all about the parents; often, though a child won't necessarily remember, they don't need to remember to just be enthralled in the now.

    We'll remember for them, when they're very young. :)

    I'm so excited for next weekend's trip to Colorado! My girlfriend has a horse, which was one of Li'l D's first words. So excited for all the critter love he's going to get to share with me!

  4. Deb, I wrote this as a comment to one of your posts, but I'll post it here too: I write down memories for my kids, things they say and do that I want to remember and share with them when they're older. The days pass so fast; I don't want to forget anything--so I write.

    Have fun on your trip! It's so great that you get to share something you love with your little boy.