Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh, gym class, how I loathed thee...

For the most part, I loved school--from kindergarten right on up through the moment I walked across the stage to receive my master's degree. But in high school, there was one class I dreaded, one class I hated so much that I hoped for snow days and prayed for fire drills to put me out of my misery: gym.

The only class I truly despised in high school was gym. I hated everything about it, from having to change into shorts and get all sweaty in the middle of the day to being forced to do sit-ups on the hard gym floor. The only part of gym class that I could mildly tolerate (but still despised) was gymnastics. All I had to do then was practice handstands and forward rolls, and no one was throwing balls at my head or yelling at me to run faster or measuring me as I stood shivering on cold locker-room tile.

So tell me: Is there a class you wish you'd never been required to take?


  1. 1st i hope your little guy is feeling better.

    2nd - i didnt like many classes i took, but i'm glad i took them because i learned something in every one. even gym class. speech was another tough one...

  2. that 2nd part didnt start out right
    rephrase, there were many classes i took that i didnt like
    thats better.
    HaPpY MoThErs DaY!

  3. Yes! I had to take introductory Cultural Anthropology for my degree. The teacher was the worst teach ever I've had, so that my sister, brother-in-law and I stopped attending classes altogether.

    My brother-in-law actually ran into someone recently who said their least favorite class ever was Cultural Anthropology. Nick dug deeper and determined--surprise!--same bad class, same bad teacher!

  4. I agree - gym class! Especially when we played field hockey, with all those sticks swinging around.

  5. Tara: He's doing much better now. Thanks! And Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

    I'm glad you can take the good out of classes you didn't really care for. I'm not sure what I learned from gym--except maybe that I hate exercise!

    Deb: That's too bad about the teacher. I've never taken Cultural Anthropology, but it's always sounded interesting to me. A bad teacher can ruin everything...

    Monica: YES! What kind of school allows kids to swing "weapons" around? I hated field hockey, too, as I'm sure you can guess. ;)

  6. For me, it was gym class in grade school, junior high, and high school.

    In college, the worst ones were microeconomics and macroeconomics.