Friday, May 27, 2011

Silver lining

Today's 100 words:
It's another dreary, rainy day here in Western New York. My husband commented on his way out the door this morning that he's beginning to think he lives on the West Coast. It's true that we usually don't get quite so much rain here. I'm not crazy about it, but I try to see the positives: the kids love stomping in the puddles, my son likes the worms and using his Thomas umbrella, and the rain cleanses the town and brings new life to the lawn and flowers--something bright and cheerful to look forward to after the storms pass.


  1. we finally had a great day for baseball, some sun, a nice breeze.
    just lovely!
    it'll turn around for you too
    now tom it's supposed to be 90 here...more games, wish us luck =)
    happy mem day!

  2. Yesterday was beautiful--just in time for Grandma and Aunt Kathy's visit! Good luck tomorrow, and Happy Memorial Day!