Monday, October 10, 2011

"Tyler, meet George."

My friend Tyler is on his way home after staying with us since last Wednesday. It was a wonderful visit, and I'm sad to see him go. While he was here, we toured Niagara Falls, the Memorial Art Gallery, the Susan B. Anthony house, and the George Eastman house. It was fun to see these things through Tyler's eyes, as I've lived here long enough now that I don't think I appreciate all the really wonderful things there are to do and see and explore in this city.

I wrote today's 100 words about yesterday's visit to the George Eastman house, which was probably my favorite of all the things we did:

I have a (strange?) fascination with wanting to know how famous people died. Yesterday Tyler and I took a tour of Kodak founder George Eastman's house, and I kept waiting for the docent to mention his death by suicide, but she never did. When we were left to explore on our own, however, we found his suicide note and death certificate in a tiny, out-of-the-way room. I suppose the docent didn't want to disappoint the tourists by bringing up something so dark. I find it interesting, though, because I believe that this earthly life isn't the end.


  1. I love those 100 words! I share your fascination. I find myself wanting worm my way into there mind to discover their thoughts. Must be the Psychology graduate in me :)

  2. Do people sometimes think you're being morbid? I think Tyler might have thought that of me! LOL Everywhere we went, I was asking about death...