Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finding inspiration

Today's 100 words:

Last night a friend in a writing chat room said that, while it's fine to sit and wait for inspiration to strike, sometimes one has to go out with a big stick and hunt it down. I can see her point: it's too easy to give up when we don't feel inspired. I don't think there's anything wrong with staring at the monitor until our creative minds click and we hit upon something to write, but I do agree that sometimes we have to be more aggressive in our search for ideas: freewrite, research, read. Be unafraid of writing crap.


  1. I completely agree. I'd say 90 percent of the time writing is difficult for me. But it's something I just have to sit down and make myself do. But after the first painful few minutes it becomes a little easier. Starting is always the hardest part, yet it comes every day.

  2. In my case, the latter especially!

  3. I agree, Kate. Starting is the hard part for me, too. Once I get going, I wonder why it was so hard to begin...

    Deb: :)