Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Because I know you've all been holding your breath...

Well, not really. :)

But since I've been writing so frequently about how excited my son has been to start school, I thought I would update on his first day, which was today. The verdict?

He loved it!

Although today was his first official day, it was really parent/child day, an hour-long meet and greet in which the kids and parents took a tour of the locker room (this is a YMCA program, and one thing the teachers focus on is swimming), the kids played, and the parents and teachers visited. My son did really well. I think he was excited to have the opportunity to play with other little boys--finally. (Most of my friends have girls, so up until now, the majority of his  playdates have been all girls, plus him.) When I chatted with one of the teachers, I could hear my son screaming and laughing as he and some other boys played a game that might have been called "Get Away from the Monster." He was having so much fun!

I also enjoyed my hour in the classroom. It was fun watching the kids get to know each other, and it was hilarious to listen to some of the things they said. When the teacher, Miss Krista, asked the kids what the rules should be for walking down to the locker room, one little boy remarked that everyone should keep his hands to himself and not poke the other kids. Miss Krista agreed that that was a very good rule, and then another child piped up, asking, "But it's okay if we touch ourselves, right?" The adults (including the teachers) all burst out laughing, and Miss Krista dryly remarked that she thought it was time to let that discussion go. I love listening to the kids and wish I could be a fly on the wall. Think of all the great story ideas one could find in a room full of four-year-olds!

Thursday is my son's first day alone in class--and therefore the first day I have to deal with my anxiety about leaving him there. I'm still a little nervous and a lot sad about having to be away from my "baby" for six hours each week. I know I'll probably cry, but for his sake, I'll try to keep a smile on my face until I leave the building. Having my daughter to distract me will help, I'm sure, and I know the hours will pass quickly. Before I know it, it will be time to pick him up and listen to him chatter excitedly about all the wonderful things he learned.

And his excitement is worth any sadness I'll feel.

There's no doubt about that.

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