Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But have I learned my lesson?

This morning's 100 words:
My hands are numb this morning, the way they always get when I haven't had enough sleep. It's a pins-and-needles feeling, and I don't know why it happens, but I wake up with it whenever I don't allow myself to rest. The stupid thing is that I know I need to get more sleep, but each night I go to bed well past the hour I should. I stay up late reading, usually, or writing, then finally turn off my light for my scant five hours of sleep, knowing I'll complain the next day about how tired I am.


  1. What an all too familiar feeling! I always feel like there's time later in life for sleep, though. One day I'll be well rested! Just...not today.

    Also, I passed a couple of blog awards on to you today!

  2. Thanks for the comment--and for the awards, Caitlin! I'll work on a post about them soon. :)