Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scary and exciting

It's been obvious lately that I have school on my mind, and watching my excited four-year-old go off to preschool this week has prompted me to think about my own feelings about school. I don't remember my earliest days sitting in a classroom, although my parents have told me that I was as eager to start kindergarten as my son was to start preschool. I do, however, remember the first days I experienced in later years, which became the subject of today's 100 words:

Other than posing on the front steps for my annual first-day picture, I don't really remember much about my first days of school--at least not until I was older. I do remember starting junior high. The kids in the seventh and eighth grades were in the same building as the much-bigger-seeming kids in grades nine through twelve, and I can remember feeling intimidated by everyone around me. They all seemed so confident, and I didn't know anything: where I was going, what teachers to avoid, how not to look like a lost young child...

I think I'm done with school talk now, at least for a little while! It's been an exciting, scary, teary, happy week. Thanks for hanging in there as I shared my thoughts. :)


  1. you want to talk about naive,
    my first day of 7th grade a group of boys asked if i was a virgin and i said no cuz i didnt know what it was!
    yes they teased me all year!

  2. Tara: Eek! Well, don't feel bad. I've done and said things that were just as embarrassing--but I probably won't share them! ;)