Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall's kiss

This morning's 100 words:

I can feel fall's kiss in the air today, the sharp coldness stealing in through the open window, bringing with it that crisp smell only autumn can possess. Spring, as fall's opposite, its fraternal twin, doesn't exhibit the same crispness, that same sense of a cold sheet snapping on a line, that feeling of sharp electricity that seems to be in the air when the trees start to shed their leaves, the pleasant scent of decay rising around them. Spring's is a clean smell, a washed-earth smell, signifying a beginning, while fall, though lovely, takes us closer to the end.


  1. This is lovely. I'm partial to Fall.

  2. and reminds us we only have 95 shopping days to xmas!
    that was lovely =)
    i love fall!

  3. Monica: Thank you! Fall and spring are my favorites. I love the cooler weather!

    Tara: Thank you! And "eek" about Christmas being so close. :)