Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tagged! Ten random facts about me.

A game of tag has been making its way throughout the blogging community, and today I was tagged by the lovely Carissa. To play, all you need to do is be tagged (see my list of "victims" below!), write a list of ten random facts about yourself, and then tag four more people. Fun!

Here are my completely random facts. Enjoy!

1. I'm a reality TV addict--and I make no apologies.

2. I love ginger ale, but I'm particular about the brand. It has to be Vernors.

3. I won a library poster contest when I was in the second grade. That was the high point of my art career.

4. Ozzy Osbourne is my favorite singer.

5. I have a crush on Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick). Don't judge.

6. When I was sixteen, I worked as a desk clerk in a Super 8. It was not my favorite job.

7. I worry about everything.

8. I've never dyed my hair.

9. I would rather talk face-to-face than call someone.

10. Dirty Dancing is my favorite movie, and the wonderful Patrick Swayze was my first celebrity crush.

I hope that was random enough! I'm tagging:
1. Tara
2. Charlotte
3. Scott
4. Tersia

Have fun!


  1. you crazy girl! vernors!? bleh!
    Ozzy? ha hee =)
    great stuff! thanks for the tag!

  2. *gasp* You've never dyed your hair!! There is a hair virgin amongst us?! LOL! I love Vernors, too! YAY! You crack me up, woman!

  3. Monica: I hate making phone calls. I always feel like I can make myself understood so much better in person, where I can see reactions to what I'm saying. And the worrying? I wish I didn't do it so much...

    Tara, how dare you speak against the king of ginger ale and mock my Ozzy obsession! ;) Looking forward to your list!

    Carissa: Yes, I do indeed have virgin hair, and when hair stylists discover that fact, they all want to dye it. LOL And the Vernors--I knew I liked you! :)