Saturday, September 3, 2011

That first big step

I'm sure I'll probably write more about this as the day gets closer, but for now, here's 100 words:

My four-year-old starts preschool in about two weeks, and the thought makes me want to cry. I'm not ready to let go of him. He and I have been together every day since he was born. Every day. We don't have family here, and I have a difficult time trusting babysitters, so we've never left the kids with anyone. My husband says I'm being ridiculous, but I don't think that's fair. He works outside the home; he's had practice being away from the kids. I haven't had that. This is going to be hard for me.


  1. it gets easier, but the first few days are the toughest,
    whether he clings to you and cries or leaves you with a smile!

    and sorry you didnt make it into the campaign. i missed out the last time so i had to see what it was about. curiosity =)

  2. I just know I'm going to cry. I'm a big crier, unfortunately...

    I hope I can make the campaign next time. I'm curious too!

  3. I cried. I cried every day for the first week. (That week was especially hard on account of having to spend one hour in the car each way with my son, when all I wanted was to hold him.) The next week, I only cried a couple of days. After that, it was sporadic. Now it's fine most the time, with an occasional moment of wishing I could just leave the office, drive the half-hour to him and snuggle him till his bedtime. Good lucky, lady.

  4. Deb, you give me hope. :) Thank you!