Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting older

Today's 100 words:

My husband, who is thirteen years older than I am, keeps telling me what hell it is to get old--how hard it is to watch things that previously worked well start to deteriorate, like eyesight and knee joints. I'm not quite to that point, but I have noticed in the past year or so that I can no longer go without as much sleep as I could in my college days. Back then I could survive for days on a couple of hours, but now I long for days when I can sleep for more than five hours a night.


  1. Yup! Ditto! I can't believe how I used to stay up all night for nights on end, partying and drinking and somehow still managing to make it to class! Well, most of the time.

  2. yeah, getting old sucks. whatever. wish i started better habits earlier. young people are dumb (thinking back on myself!)

    and i am warm natured too, i wear layers so i can remove them when i get warm =)

  3. April: It does all seem like a dream, doesn't it? I have no idea how I managed on so little sleep back then.

    Tara: Better habits--I hear ya! :)