Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"That's so annoying!"

Today's 100 words:

One thing that truly boggles my mind is my husband's seeming inability to put the glasses he uses into the dishwasher. Most mornings I'll find them lined along the countertop, even though the dishwasher itself is only a few steps away. I guess we all have things that irk us about our loved ones. I know that I do things that drive my husband insane. For one, I'm a proud member of the time police. When we have to be somewhere, I nag the family to hurry up, counting down the minutes until we have to leave. Annoying, I'm sure.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! YES!!!! To all of that! My husband never even rinses out his dishes, and he's always the last to be ready to go somewhere. I'm always waiting with my shoes on, coat on, Kylie's coat and shoes on...waiting. It's not like he's at all a metrosexual. The opposite. Yes, for some reason, we're always waiting on him. And the only reason our daughter's ready is b/c I'd been BUGGING her!!! LOL

  2. dont get me stah-ted!
    but i know i do things that bug him too. so i try not to let the little things bother me.

    serenity now!

  3. Not annoying because it's necessary! Someone has to be the time keeper to get everyone out on time. Otherwise, you'd always be late. And that's no fun.

    As for the glasses, I'm guilty of that, but I try to use the same water glass all day long and just rinse it out, so it sits on the counter all day long. But what's worse is my husband leaving cereal bowls full of milk on the counter!

  4. April: We live the same life! LOL

    Tara: Love that--serenity now! (I miss Seinfeld!)

    Caitlin: You're right--it is necessary! I'd always been the kind of person who arrived early, but that changed when I met my husband. I can just feel my blood pressure rising after I've gotten myself plus two little ones ready and he's still drinking his coffee...

    Luckily, we don't have the cereal bowl problem. Yuck! :)