Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wish lists

Today's 100 words:
The kids worked on their letters to Santa yesterday, dictating their wish lists to me. They're still little, so they needed encouragement about what to say, but it was fun to hear what their two- and four-year-old minds came up with!
I remember when my mom would ask my sister and me to write our letters. She would sit us down with the JCPenney Big Book, and we would thumb through it, excitedly adding toys to our lists. I remember one year when I just had to have a giant teddy bear and another when my most-desired gift was a woodburning set. Santa delivered both times.


  1. You know what I love about your posts? They always make me feel nostalgic! :)

    Kylie wrote her list this past weekend. She just started taking horse riding lessons, so her list was "A horse, a barn and all the animals, dolphins, jewelry, a skateboard, books, a cute dog, a horse, animals."

    LOL. She likes animals. She's 7, but apparently she still doesn't realize that those things are not realistic. I thought it was adorable. The best part of it is, she won't be disappointed when she DOESN'T get that horse. (she is getting a lot of horse-related books, posters, and gear though!)

  2. Thanks so much, April. :)

    What a great list! I agree--very adorable!

  3. April: So glad you're able to post here now. I'm sorry it's such a pain, though...