Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today's 100 words:

December 1. It doesn't seem possible that it's already the beginning of the last month of 2011. As a rule, I dread December. I love what the spirit of Christmas represents, but I hate all the extra things that need to get done this month: the family pictures that have to be taken, the clothes that need to be bought before those pictures can be shot, the Christmas shopping that needs to be done, the Christmas cards that have to be written and mailed, the last-minute gifts that need to be purchased and wrapped... It's a lot of stress.


  1. so many details! i remember those family photos (or just the kids) once they're in school those arent as bad & we just pick a pic we have or take one ourselves...

    enjoy those pics =)

  2. Thanks, Tara! It didn't go as badly as I thought it would, and we actually got some good shots. Whew!