Sunday, December 25, 2011

Only the echo

Today's 100 words:
It's just past 6 p.m. now, and after only three hours of sleep last night, I'm ready to drop. It was a nice day passed in a whirlwind of torn paper and crumpled bows, a constant chorus of children screaming their delight over the gifts Santa brought. But for all the preparation that went into the holiday, it's over much too soon. The late nights spent wrapping presents, days spent baking cookies, time spent writing out cards...all for moments that pass too quickly, and suddenly night has fallen, leaving only the lingering echo of my children's delighted laughter.


  1. Nice prose you've got here! It reminds me of how you can have a full day--a Holiday--with so much time and preparation put into it, only to feel like the "moments passed by too quickly". Great!

    Best wishes from one blogger (writer) to another,